Week #12 Unfoldment

Knowledge is power only if is understood and applied. If I think of my childhood I cannot find anything of the opposite. I could see in others what I wanted to see in me. This led me to copy behavior of others but not being me, my deep attitude did not give emotions because they were not authentic.
The same with the willing to take risks, I tried to see what others were doing before and then I copied them but without distinguishing whether those people were respected on what they were doing.
All those with an action without trust or better with one hope that things would be better. Now I understood the reason of my previous results. With daily MKMMA I’m building my new person completely flipping the way I approach life.
To make strong my soil to the fruits that I want create, I have an intention alive.
Normally our concentration is comparable to a monkey that jumps from branch to branch. In this way we lose our power because it does not bombard our minds of our worthy ideal.
It is the same during my exercises in the gym.
If I do a workout standardized I know that I will have results in the media. But if I want to improve a specific part of my body, this is one that I have to spend more time trying to break more fiber possible. Only in this way the muscle will grow. Each our goal is feasible.

The daily thought added the brick and brings us closer to our goal.
If we stick to our fears, however, takes us away. We have not yet achieved our goal because we were not specific but we granted indecision and negative thoughts even if unintentionally.
The price to pay to our realization is eternal vigilance to what come in from the outside.
The results we get will tell us how good we are in this process.
Our thoughts must be independent and setting sail to the flow will open our hearts to the feeling and desire.
So no more hope of making it but desire and faith. In silence we align to the power that is always and only been within us.


Week 2 – Stopped watching TV series

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Maria's Personal Development journey

What amazing positive changes are happening to me!

I stopped watching TV series. Before, MKMMA, when I had breakfast, it was boring doing that just by myslef, so I watched little TV series or read books. Little 20-minute “How I met your mother” wouldn’t harm anybody (I thought). Then 20 minutes turned into 40. 40 into 60 minutes. So much time of my life went on watching very fun and entertaining TV series. This stopped now. Funny thing, most of time I do not even remember about the TV series any more!

Remember, what Hadeel said? Successful people have good habits. Replace bad habits with good habits and you will be slave of success. I think I am doing exactly that.

When I wake up in the morning, I have such a feeling of purpose, so many things to do. I read my scroll 1 of the “Best salesman in…

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Week 2 – Becoming a friend with the Subby

Very useful information, take notes



“Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results.” – Willie Nelson

What is positive anyway? Or negative for that matter? There is no such thing as good or bad… It’s all just IS:-)Think of that!

It’s not like you are having a bad day or boring life, or maybe you feel like you are just on the top of the world and everything goes so smooth that it is ridiculous. Have you ever observed what your day looks like in the end of it? How it develops from the moment we open our eyes when awake until that same second we fall asleep again? Have you analyzed the cause of these events you’ve had during that day or just said it was luck or bad luck? Well…Everything that happens is nothing more than a result of what we are thinking, or actually have been…

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Week 2

So the journey is just begun.

Like any journey we need instruments that unless we know them we cannot use them at the time they are necessary. In past I used to think to these tools had to be copied by others or read in the next best-selling self-help. Now I understand that must be cultivated from within because we have already in our hand. Courage, confidence, posture and faith are already inside of me but I have not gave the opportunity to turn them to their maximum potential yet. Is my task to create them with the imagination, confidence and enthusiasm.

For example, the enthusiasm I always thought as a skill to be acquired and where I needed to work harder. With the lesson of this week I learned that this lack can be filled with imagination.

In fact, it all starts with my deep desire to expand upon as a human being.

Simply I have never taught my internal to my subconscious mind what I really wanted and this has resulted to be the person I am now.

The challenge in these weeks is to find my real true self, my true identity and the reason of my path.

There were some exercises to do. At the moment my mind tried to reject them or give up as it has done in the past. It seemed too much to handle.

The alliance helping me a lot, this time I’m not alone also the others are making their journey and how they can do it so I can.

Considering that we can choose how feel in every circumstance so I set a good pace to complete my exercises. Being a men of habit we have to replace bad habits with good.

For example involuntarily during the day I wonder with myself if the automatic action that I’m doing is good or bad like if my mind is trying to distinguish things that in past took for granted without judging. To me this is already a good result to celebrate.

Week 1

Week 1

I’m really happy and curious about this my new call to a adventure.

I accepted the challenge to embark on this journey because I consider reliable the teachers of this class.They live in their legacy.

They have really shown what they say with facts and I am ready to follow them.

It ‘s true many times we start with the proper enthusiasm for a new adventure but we lost our self along the way finding a better reason or justification for why things did not go as they should go.

No this is not the case. End of the story. Now here we know that we have access to the right information but not only that we are the architects of our 100% result in this trip.

The fascinating part of this trip is that we discover ourselves within , something that now as I cannot see yet.

In previous experience, I tried to find the truth but it always seems to me that something was missing. Now I am aware that cannot miss anything because it’s all inside us.

The first step is to understand and be aware of where we are and why we are where we are.

So accept that everything we have experienced was first created in our minds with our thoughts.

What we are to begin is a work of thoughts. Because our thoughts loaded with emotions create those actions necessary to build the life that we have drawn with mental images.

My first challenge will be in charge with emotions my thoughts to give color to the life I want to live.

The daily exercises without a burning desire we will not have the commitment to complete. The mental leap that is required of us is to be that person who already want to become. To do this we have to chip away at our old habits that have brought us to the usual results.

We were assigned the exercises to change old habits and start to make sure that our subconscious will accept this new belief and reality.

The highest award of these new exercises is that put into action the talents that I did not know how to have like new forces that will support me in my journey.

I’m finally realizing that no longer depend on the next book that I read for the part of the puzzle missing.

I can shape my subconscious mind with words and with the correct words we create our new destiny.

As we cannot heal a branch of a plant that have no new leaves, now we know that to change the results, we must start from within. The seed of the plant so our heart.

The first secret of this first week is that there is no real secret to achieving what we want in the end. There are steps to follow clear to all and that is what we are moving to do and we do each one that take this call to adventure for discovery themselves.